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How to troubleshoot Turbocharger ?

1.The power of the excavator is mainly caused by black smoke,burning oil and other problems.We should check the Turbocharger  
    Today I will take you to see what problems the Turbocharger will have.

2.When checking the engine, we must remove the air pipe after the engine is turned off and cooled.

3.Turn the impeller in the middle by hand, the impeller normally has a small gap and can rotate smoothlyIf it freezes,
it means the supercharger is locked.See what's going wrong, take it off now, we'll take a look after we take out the supercharger.

4..If there is a lot of oil leaking from the exhaust side or the intake side,it means The bearings and floating oil seals inside it are damaged,
Let's open it up now and see what it looks likeSince the screws of the supercharger are too tight,
we still install it on this engine and disassemble.