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Why choose to buy Alternator on YearnParts ?

1.The breadth and depth of our product are unmathed in the industry which enabling us to support a variety of market application wordwide.Our Alternator for most leading automotive brands including Mitsubishi,Subaru,Bobcat,Komatsu,Kobelco,Volvo,Nissan,Hyundai,Kia,Isuzu and the diesel engine tubochargers are made for various of famous industrial diesel engine brand like komatsu,Hitachi,Carter,Kamioka,Proton,Daewoo etc.Also be used in marine,agricultural machinery,genrators sets and many other four-cylinder, six-cylinder vehincles.For bulk orders please email [email protected]

2.Every Part is 100% new. twice dynamic balanced test;All the Alternator will be warranty for one year (broke because of manufacture fault) In this case we will change a new send Alternator to customer for free.1-3 Workdays Shipping after Order. For bulk orders please email [email protected]


YouTube Unboxing Show
Please let me show the quality of our products. These are unpackaged displays that we shot on YouTube. To ensure the authenticity of the product, we are all shooting with original Apple cameras. For bulk orders please email [email protected]

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