Eight tips to help you maintain the excavator easily

The excavator must be maintained frequently on weekdays. If it is not well maintained, its service life will not be long. It is not difficult to maintain the excavator. Here are some maintenance methods for your reference.

1. The first step of excavator maintenance: discharge the water from the oil-water separator and the bottom of the fuel tank every morning. Although this is simple, how much can you insist on? With or without water, there is a big difference between half a year and a machine!

2. After the butter is beaten, try to wipe the leaked part with paper, and beat less on the turntable, mainly adding. If it leaks and drips on the arm, the paper will be removed with a light wipe. In fact, there is no problem with butter on the arm once every 3-5 days.

3. Try not to hoist objects that are too heavy or too large, and do not hoist in the state of the breaker. Otherwise, it will greatly affect the hydraulic pressure, and there are not a few people who break and hoist the grader.

4. Oils such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, and filter elements are best to use original parts. Don’t be greedy to save this money. I once met a diesel filter of 15 yuan. The boss used it for half a year, and the machine was seriously damaged. There is no way to make up for the drop in speed. Remember, greed for small gains and big losses!

5. The driver should be responsible and clean. Only when he is clean can your excavator be clean.

6. The appearance of the machine must be emphasized, which is also an important step in the maintenance of the excavator. Because this directly affects the first impression of future resale. You can make an agreement with the operator, for example: a fine of N100 yuan for scraping PP; this is not a harsh teacher, but to promote the operator to develop a good habit. For example, if you hire a master of 2,000 yuan, and a master of 3,500 yuan, a master of 2,000 yuan can save you 10,000 yuan a year. However, the loss rate of the machine changing hands is at least tens of thousands. In fact, it is not entirely said that the skills of the master with less money are not good, but it is just an analogy. But the key is the boss. The excavator boss needs to be considerate of the operator in many aspects. After all, the operator is helping himself to make money.

7. In the hot summer, the air conditioner is broken, and the boss is too lazy to take care of it, or some bosses put those high shelves, arrears of wages, or even deduct wages, which master will maintain your machine.

8. Although the machine may not be very good inside. But the driver is attentive and the shape is good, and it will be a comfortable thing to rent or enjoy. And refurbishment will only reduce the price of the machine, which is well known. Therefore, even if you are in a hurry, you should spend a few minutes on the maintenance of the excavator. It does not appear that the driver is lazy, and the boss has to cooperate, so that the machine can be satisfied, and the master enjoys driving it. From the cab, everything is clean! It will definitely be more efficient to work!