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  1. Quick Application Guide for Turbocharger


    1. Check after purchasing: Disassemble all packaging and cover, check random attachment, and save the purchase voucher, qualification certificate and after -sales service card.

    2. Do not use the barrier regulator component as a handle handle, and you must not adjust the setting pressure of the cross -pass valve and disassembled the regulating valve bracket at any time.

    3. The inspection, demolition and replacement of the supercharger must be performed after the engine is stopped and cooled.

    4. The quality (quality, level and cleanliness) of the use of engine oil is the key to improving the life of the supercharger. The oil should be the CF level or above recommended by the engine manufacturer Non -company authorized maintenance personnel shall not install or change the supercharger, otherwise they will refuse three packages.

    5. Note: The pressure -producer or engine damage caused by the modification

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  2. Eight tips to help you maintain the excavator easily

    The excavator must be maintained frequently on weekdays. If it is not well maintained, its service life will not be long. It is not difficult to maintain the excavator. Here are some maintenance methods for your reference.

    1. The first step of excavator maintenance: discharge the water from the oil-water separator and the bottom of the fuel tank every morning. Although this is simple, how much can you insist on? With or without water, there is a big difference between half a year and a machine!

    2. After the butter is beaten, try to wipe the leaked part with paper, and beat less on the turntable, mainly adding. If it leaks and drips on the arm, the paper will be removed with a light wipe. In fact, there is no problem with butter on the arm

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  3. Why does the starter break easily

    1. The generator does not operate according to the specified technical conditions, such as the stator voltage is too high and the iron loss increases; If the load current is too large, the copper loss of stator winding increases; The frequency is too low, which slows down the speed of the cooling fan and affects the heat dissipation of the generator; The power factor is too low, which increases the excitation current of the rotor and causes the rotor to heat. Check whether the indication of the monitoring instrument is normal. If it is abnormal, necessary adjustment and treatment shall be carried out to make the generator operate according to the specified technical conditions.

    2. The three-phase load current of the generator is unbalanced, and the overloaded one-phase winding will overheat; If the difference of three-phase current exceeds 10% of the rated current, it is a serious cricket phase current imbalance. The three-phase current imbalance will produce negative sequence

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  4. How to Order the Correct Main Hydraulic Pump for Your Machine?

    Welcome to YearnParts,Here is a aticel about us Blog.

    We are professional after-sales maintenance technical support and parts replacement for construction machinery parts, here we will update 50 different parts on our website every day and provide professional machine maintenance experience on a regular basis

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